Monday, July 07, 2003

A little bit goes a long way

Robin Curtis. You may remember her as Saavik on Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. She was at the same convention where I met Wil Wheaton.

I've been married for 13 years now and love my wife even more than the day we were married. I'm also a little soft around the middle so it isn't often that I get compliments from beautiful women.

I was sitting at one of the "gaming" tables (there were only about 6 of them and only about as many "gamers" using them to kill time playing CCGs) with my wife and a friend. I noticed Robin Curtis return to her booth so I took the opportunity to go in for the autograph.

As a sidebar, I had been reading Wil Wheaton's blog where he talks about not getting the whole autograph thing. He doesn't understand why someone would want a signature on a photo or whatever but he sees it as his opportunity to chat with fans for 30 seconds and make their day. For me, it's something like that but it's also the aspect of "I was there."

I approached the booth and began perusing the selection of photos she had brought with her. I would have bought one at one of the dealers' tables but nobody had any. Of course, Robin was only charging $10, photo included whereas most people were charging $20, photo included* and you could negotiate for $10 if you brought your own item so buying a photo off her didn't bother me much.

Anyway, I chose the head-shot of her as Saavik. Not only am I a Trek fan but the volunteer sitting with her said, "I think that's the sexiest picture she has." I verbally agreed with him as I smiled at Robin, nodding, and forked over my ten bucks. Then, Robin Curtis said the most amazing thing. She said, gold paint pen poised over the photograph, "What's your name, handsome?"

"handsome?" did Robin Curtis just call me "handsome?"

My face broke out into one of those stupid, aw shucks grins that run from ear to ear and turn your will to putty. I gathered myself, realizing that she expected an answer. My mouth went dry and I sheepishly said, "Joe."

I stood, grinning, unable to release my face muscles as she signed the photo, "To Joe - Live Long, Love Long. Robin Curtis."

Wow! That was one of the greatest thirty seconds of my life. I didn't stop smiling for an hour. Thanks, Robin.

*R2D2 and the Ewok wanted $20 per signature whether you got a photo or not. I skipped the Ewok.

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