Sunday, August 24, 2003

I hab a code in my node

I decided I was tired of waiting five minutes for anything Linuxy to happen on the P100 so I backed up my laptop (a P2-500-ish), stripped the hard drive, and plunged it into the pool of linux. After it dried itself off and settled down (I told it not to go swimming for at least half an hour), I was off and running with my book.

A laptop being portable, I was able to do some work on it at.... work. This is not necessarily using office time for personal benefit. In many of our meetings with the PHB's, the idea of Linux having a greater presence on campus has been mentioned.

I got to the fourth or fifth "hour" lesson in the book on Friday afternoon and was learning the basics of vi and emacs when I got a chill. No, not one of those shiver-up-the-spine, oh-my-God-something-terrible-is-going-to-happen, hey-is-it-cold-in-here? chills. I mean one of those achy, stuffy-head, fever, I-feel-like-shit chills. And, while the fever has broken, I'm still feeling rather puny and I still have the cold.

I tried to work on it a little Friday night but it just wasn't happening. My laptop still sits atop the heap of not-yet-dirty clothes next to my bed (guys, you get it - ladies, don't even try) with the book resting on top of it where I left it Friday night. This weekend, between naps, my time has been monopolized by rounds of Star Trek: Armada which I find relatively easy to play while in an altered state of consciousness (cough syrup is kool!).

My snot-stuffed cranium is telling me it's time to go back to bed. I hope I can sleep for more than 3 hours. Goodnight.

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