Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Good Day Sunshine

A bad day fishing is better than a good day at work. I finally understand that saying. We had a GREAT day of fishing today.

We started out going to Monarch Lake. It’s a beautiful sight. If you’re ever around Winter Park, head up the highway just past Granby, take highway 34 North, turn East on County Road 6 (don’t forget to stop at one of the fee stations) and go ‘till you can’t go no more. Get out of your car, walk through the gate, and see part of the beauty that is Colorado. But I digress.

I started with the fly rod. My casting was better with the correct line on the rod but the fish just weren’t biting. The spot we chose was a bit on the shallow side so I grabbed the spinning rod and chose a spot near deeper water.

I hadn’t cast more than 10 times when it hit. I pulled in a 10-inch rainbow trout… that we had for dinner. [side note: I chose the lure and tied it on myself.]

As far back as I can recall, I never remember landing a fish on a fishing trip. Sure, I’ve caught fish before. We used to pull crappie out of Joe Creek in Tulsa and I once nabbed a catfish during a fishing event at LaFortune Park. This is the first time I can remember ever catching a fish while fishing with my dad. It was a very satisfying feeling. (There was a ‘one that got away’ story but I don’t tell it because the fish was a very small blue gill… or, that’s what dad said it was)

We hung around Monarch Lake until noon-ish. We had packed a lunch so we ate in the car and headed back up the road.

We stopped at the spot under the bridge where we were yesterday. Neither one of us had so much as a nibble and I lost two lures… but I had a BLAST! The fish was a nice bonus but, call me crazy, I actually enjoyed waving a stick around all day.

You know, I was right. This trip is going to provide a lifetime of memories for me.

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