Monday, November 10, 2003

Can you believe it!?

I was reading the October 24 issue of Entertainment Weekly and found something interesting in a sidebar titled “Curses!” It said “On Oct. 3, the FCC had ruled that U2’s Bono didn’t violate federal indecency standards when he blurted ‘f---ing brilliant’ during the live NBC broadcast of January’s Golden Globes…”

How on earth do you get away with that!!??

Well, apparently, the F-word really is quite versatile* because the FCC said Bono wasn’t describing “sexual or excretory organs or activities.”

[*CAUTION: the link above contains explicit language]

Based on that ruling, I’ve made the following table – as a public service – to show you some of the phrases you may now begin hearing on television.

Stuff you might hear Stuff you won't hear
I don't f---ing believe it. F--- you!
That was f---ing stupid So, you wanna f---?
  Go f--- yourself

The phrase “f--- this“ would probably still be open to interpretation.

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