Saturday, November 01, 2003

It's been one week since you looked at me

Okay, so I'm still on the musical theme.

[Side note: Those of you playing at home will notice that certain entries will start to fill in between this one and the entry from 10 days ago. I wrote all of the fishing trip entries while in Colorado and I'm posting them with altered dates and times to make it look like I posted them when I wrote them.]

Today is the last day of the first week of work after spending a week not working.
" a wealthy woman and the pretty plane she flies. If you think this sounds confusing you should see it through my eyes." -- Jimmy Buffett

Today is also Halloween --- BOO!!

The week went alright but I'm drowning in trouble tickets. I have one ticket I can knock out in about five minutes but it arrived late in the day while I was already involved in something else. I have two or three that await a response from the caller. The other five or so are waiting for someone else to do something. I was promised that I would be taken care of today but it didn't happen.

I don't blame the people that I need help from. They're GREAT people!! My relationship with them is pretty much "ask and ye shall receive." The problem is that their supervisors and directors have them so tied up with so many facets of so many projects that they have no time to do their work. I actually got a response from one of them a couple of weeks ago that was time-stamped MIDNIGHT!! That's just wrong - these guys have families.

I was assured that the biggest part of the biggest project is over and they'll have more time to devote to the day-to-day operations. I certainly hope so or we're going to have some pretty pissed-off clients... some of them are there already.


The weather is starting to cool off a bit here in Oklahoma. My asthma is starting to remind me that it's there (it's aggravated by cold --- and priming without a mask last summer wasn't helpful, either) but I think I may have the beginnings of bronchitis. I've been getting into some heavy coughing fits and that whole tight chest thing.

Geez, I feel like a little old man that can't help but complain about everything.

[read the following with a raspy old man voice playing in your head]
Oy, I tell ya, I hate the cold. My asthma is starting to bother me - it's so hard to breathe.
And work! Don' get me started about work! I start out da day with ten tings on my list, get them all done, and finish the day with eleven. It never ends. ... Dat place is gonna be da death of me.

My goodness, when did I turn jewish!!??

For those of you in the studio audience, it's late and our host is beginning to ramble. Let's see if we can give him the universal hang signal for "Where the hell are you going with this? Can we get back on track, here? The sponsors are starting to call."

Where was I? Oh, yeah, the weather is starting to get colder. Despite my little-old-jewish-man tirade up there, I like the cold. First of all, I sweat... A LOT. The cold is my time to be unsweaty.

[blech! Can you believe he's talking about that? Move on!]


I came home from my fishing trip to find the lot between our house and our neighbor had been leveled. The grass I used to mow to keep the lot looking presentable was now a smoothed out section of dirt. According to my wife, this happened last Saturday. Both of us figured they were going to list the lot with the promise of a custom home. With the weather turning colder and precipitation chances (do you like how I worked that in there?) increasing, we figured they wouldn't be able to pour the concrete, etc.

When we came home from work on Monday night, we discovered we had it wrong. On the lot there was a roughly house-shaped trench dug about 3-feet down into the lot and it had re-bar standing in it. Oh, so... I guess they are building a house. Today, they poured concrete into the trench. I had this irresistable urge to sign my name in the obviously still-wet cement... but I didn't.

I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Upcoming events include the Bedlam football game (between OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY!! and the university of oklahoma) tomorrow at 2:30pm, a salute to Rogers and Hamerstein by the Lyric Theater Saturday night, and having a crown put on one of my teeth (that starts Thursday).

Be sure to join our intrepid (what does that mean, anyway?) hero next time... same BAT time, same BAT channel!