Saturday, January 10, 2004

Reflections of attitude

In her latest blog entry titled TGIF, my sister was lamenting the events of the past week with "I hope that this is not a reflection on how the remainder of 2004 is going to go."

Boy, do I know how she feels.

Let me start by hitting the highlights of the lowlights of our vacation:

Friday 12-26-03: Major traffic jam due to construction. It takes us 1.5 hours to move about 2 miles.

Sunday: Major traffic jam due to MVA.

Tuesday: The timeshare presentation that wouldn't end combined with deaf salespeople who didn't give a RATS ASS about customer service.

Wednesday: 1) An hour-long wait for chicken McNuggets at a couter-service food pavilion that Disney doesn't even acknowledge. 2) A human traffic jam trying to exit the world showcase after the 7:40pm Illuminations fireworks show. It took us over an HOUR to walk from Norway to Mexico and out into Futureworld, finally passing three baton-weilding employees directing non-existent traffic on the bridge. (I'm still trying to write the letter to Disney on that one without using curse words). 3) Being hungry after our ordeal in Epcot, we discovered that Kissimmee had pretty much shut down at 10pm New Year's Eve. Thank goodness for IHOP.

Friday: We checked into a New Orleans hotel amongst a TON of University of Oklahoma fans to find a small room with broken lights that the hotel wasn't very expedient to fix and an elevator call button that didn't work. Thank God for the $2.00 draft beer at the hotel bar.

Saturday: A disastrous visit to Cafe DuMonde. Normally, we would park and sit but parking was set at a flat rate of FOURTEEN DOLLARS because of the sugar bowl. Then, while backing out of one of the parking lots, I cracked the tail light on Shelly's car.
TIP: If you have to get your beignets and coffee to go and you plan on eating them in the car... just skip it. The experience is not at all the same.

So we arrive home Saturday night but by Sunday afternoon, I'm in full-blown cold mode. Fever, chills, congestion... the works.

Monday: Skip work because of cold
Tuesday: Go to work with foggy head because of cold
Wednesday: Cold migrates into tonsilitis
Thursday: Tonsilitis clearing a bit thanks to chemical assistance provided by doctor
Friday: Back to work with major frustration. I started the day with about a dozen trouble tickets, closed about ten throughout the day and ended the day with twenty-three.

I hope that this is not a reflection on how the remainder of 2004 is going to go.

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