Tuesday, April 20, 2004

100 things you probably didn't know about me... and probably wish I wouldn't share

I got this idea from another site.

1. If I could have a poster of a celebrity above my bed, it would be Nicole Kiddman.
2. I like portable breakfasts (donuts, croissant/bagel sandwiches, etc.)
3. My favorite television show is Stargate SG-1
4. I own a Replay TV, not a Tivo.
5. I don't smoke but I experimented with pipe and cigar in college.
6. I like bubble baths but rarely find a tub I can be comfortable in.
7. I can't tollerate caffeine anymore - it makes my heart race. (thank God chocolate doesn't have enough to affect me)
8. I like to play Trivial Pursuit, when I'm in a game-playing mood.
9. I like Guinness beer... and I'm not sure why.
10. I used to produce television commercials - all local, nothing you've seen.
11. Favorite food: Anything with marinara or meat sauce on it.
12. My eyes are brown - I'm full of it.
13. Favorite song: Biggest Part of Me by Ambrosia.
14. I don't speak any foreign languages fluently but I did study German in college.
15. I don't do sports... much.
16. My definition of baseball is 15 minutes of pure excitement crammed into two hours (yes, I stole that from somewhere)
17. Worst job: Pizza cook - I liked the work but I worked at three pizza places before I did something different.
18. Dream job: America's favorite game-show host.
19. Seriously, dream job you might actually be able to do: Voice actor.
20. I never had any pets growing up - fish don't count as pets.
21. I currently have one dog and one cat - both black.
22. At one time, my wife and I had two dogs, three cats and a lovebird.
23. Yep, still married.
24. I operate three computers - My primary home system, a web server, and a laptop.
25. None of them are state-of-the-art and weren't even when they were new.
26. I do own a bicycle.
27. I haven't ridden it in at least five years.
28. Favorite movie: Can't name one... But I might be able to name ten or twenty.
29. Animal House and Caddyshack are near the top.
30. So are Meatballs and Better Off Dead.
31. And there's Grosse Point Blank and Casablanca and... Okay, I'll quit now.
32. I hate spam.
33. The computer kind... I'm flexible on the meat product.
34. I have a collection of quotes and one-liners in a word file that I add to regularly.
35. I have a collection of quotes and one-liners I've recorded from movies (it's a BIG collection).
36. I regularly recite material from both sources.
37. I keep a back-scratcher at my desk because I often suffer from folliculitis.
38. I probably spelled that wrong.
39. I make my own candles - It's easier than you think but the equipment can get expensive.
40. I got the scar on my left arm when I caught the corner of a metal mailbox while riding my bike.
41. I write with my left hand.
42. I bat, golf, and throw right-handed.
43. I can do almost anything else with either hand.
44. My favorite number is 42... there's another one but this is a family show.
45. My first car was a 1985 Toyota Corolla hatchback, charcoal grey with a 5-speed transmission.
46. It had flip-up headlights.
47. I like BIG vehicles... but not the fuel bills that go with them.
48. I can fix computers but have trouble with plumbing and other household repairs.
49. I've been in a total of two car accidents in my life that resulted in damage.
50. The first one was late at night and I still contend she didn't have her lights on.
51. Number two, I took out a light pole and the front-end of my Chevy S-10 Blazer.
52. It was either the light pole or the car in front of me.
53. I'm not counting the time I backed my wife's car into a truck and cracked the tail light.
54. I have never broken a bone - in my body or anyone elses.
55. My first concert was Sting. I was 25 years old and took a girl who wasn't my wife.
56. I'm not telling you who she was.
57. Favorite horror movie: Prince of Darkness.
58. Favorite color: Blue.
59. Funnest late-night movie: Day of the Triffids.
60. I've lived in three different states - Vermont, Indiana and Oklahoma.
70. I can't remember what I wanted to be when I grew up.
71. I still don't know.
72. My brother and I used to play "Radio Station" with his tape recorder and my 8-track player... like we were DJs.
73. I tend to imitate mannerisms if I gain enough exposure to them... I'm not sure why.
74. Least favorite word: Fat.
75. Movie that should never have been made: Joe vs. The Volcano.
78. My first computer was a Commodore 64.
79. I don't follow politics much - I have enough crap in my own life to worry about.
80. What I like most about myself: Adaptability.
81. What I like least about myself: I have never truly "mastered" anything.
82. There are several things I'm very good at, though.
83. I don't play a musical instrument but have tried my hand at guitar and piano.
84. I own a Bounce-Around Tigger... and I LOVE it!
85. Favorite stuffed animal as a kid: Monkey with plastic ears. Lost him in a flood.
86. Let's throw this one out... get it?
87. In my house there are two people, five televisions, five VCR's, and three DVD players.
88. Back to the Future!!
89. I've never been fired from a job.
90. I like wizards and dragons.
91. I don't keep house very well.
92. Favorite drink: Jack and Coke.
93. I enjoy puns, shaggy dog stories, and groaners.
94. I grok grok. (read Stranger in a Strange Land)
95. Favorite author: Robert Heinlein.
96. Favorite author I've met who I think is a total ass: Timothy Zahn.
97. Thing I miss most from my childhood: Innocence.
98. I used to be able to name the episode of Star Trek (original) within TEN seconds of seeing ANY part of the episode.
99. My motto: It's a weird world, but somebody's got to do it.
100. I cry at sad movies.

If I haven't already lost you - thanks for reading.

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