Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Everything's humming along...

I thought about posting a couple of entries last night but then... well... the video card did show up last night. I spent the entire night playing games.

I had some initial difficulties but they weren't unexpected. I had read reviews of the Sapphire Radeon 9600 and many of them said the drivers that came with the card didn't quite make the cut but a quick download of the most recent drivers from ATI did the trick. I had hoped that the CD that came with my card would have more recent drivers but that proved to be wrong. I fixed it up lickety-split and was on my way.

Today, I got the web server back up and running. This past weekend, I decided to upgrade the software. I had loaded Red Hat 9 on the original hardware and it did therefore spew forth errors, the sum of which were the equivalent of digital vomit. I ended up putting RH8 on it. A few weeks later, I received new hardware from a friend and thought I would give RH9 a try on the new hardware. It wasn't until my updates/uploads (via SSH) started having difficulties that I decided it was time to take action.

I did try an update over the weekend... and it failed. I tried again Monday night... no dice. Basically, I was working with a bad CD-ROM and some bad CDs. This morning, I dragged it into the office with me and successfully loaded Red Hat Fedora Core Linux on it.

Kevin says I should update the kernel to v2.6 but I'm not sure I want to venture down that road quite yet.