Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Drinko de Mayo

Well, here we are at Cinco de Mayo. The Mexican independence day that gives American's a reason to drink... heavily. As if they need a reason.

Really, it's a marketing ploy for Mexican restaurants to sell food and lots and lots and lots of overpriced beer. I mean, do Mexican's go out and party on July 4th? Not that I'm aware of.

Cinco de Mayo has never been anything to me except the day after my birthday.

Speaking of my birthday, everything went very well yesterday. I took the day off from work and didn't do a darn thing that I didn't want to do.

I started off the day at the Doctor's office. I had an annual checkup scheduled. Everything went fine but those are really weird. Toward the end, he started going over a laundry-list of questions...

Any trouble with numbness or tingling in your extremeties? Swelling of the feet? vision problems?... (okay, checking for diabetes.)
Rapid heartbeat? Chest pain or tightness?... (heart problems)
Coughing? Shortness of breath?...

After a while, you start to think, "Maybe there is something wrong with me?" But, then, you realize that he's asking mostly about chronic problems. I don't think a case of heartburn after consuming five-alarm buffalo wings is anything to panic over.

After that, I ran some errands. We'd been out of milk for two days. I was going to go to the store Monday night but realized I had left my debit card at the restaurant (in Oklahoma City - about 60 miles South) on Saturday. I guess I just wanted the experience to be over so much that I neglected to pick up my card. Anyway, I tooled on down to OKC to retrieve it once I discovered the problem.

I had planned on picking up our sofa yesterday but by the time I was done with all the errands I was already at a point in the day when I wanted to at least be returning from Tulsa... so I skipped it. I'll pick it up Saturday.

Instead, I went home and started revamping my photo web site. I uploaded an incomplete version last night. Not all of the graphics made it and I think I need to shrink the pictures. Even on the fiber line at work they take a while to load. I think that's a result of my outbound bandwith more than anything else. Making the pictures smaller will help all-around.

I gotta get back to work.

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