Wednesday, May 12, 2004

This, too, shall remain a mystery

Over the past week there has been a growing problem along the streets of Stillwater, OK. Specifically along the route I take to work. The problem is not traffic nor really traffic-related. It's not even idiot drivers or some distracting sign by the side of the road. It's... shoes. Four flip-flops, three tennis shoes and one high-top to be exact.

All along my route to work, footwear has been appearing in and alongside the road. At first it was a single flip-flop. I can see how this might make its way into the road. Let's say you're driving along on a nice, sunny afternoon with the windows down. Your passenger, a young lady wearing flip-flops, has extended her shapely legs out the window without a care in the world. She flexes one of her feet, causing the wind to catch the flip-flop, remove it from her foot and deposit it in the road.

That's an easy enough explanation for any of the flip-flops but what about the tennis shoes? A single shoe might be explained away by a malicious sibling... I've done it (and mom made me go back and pick it up if I remember).

This, however, does not explain the eight shoes that have appeared along 5 miles of road with all but one, a flip-flop, being within a mile of each other.


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