Friday, June 04, 2004

Weather... or not

Central Oklahoma got some smackdown weather Wednesday afternoon. Heavy rains, small hail and 70MPH winds hit Stillwater hard, fast and continuously for about 20 minutes then moved out about as soon as it moved in. There were no tornadoes but there was damage.

Outside the building where my wife works, two trees were uprooted.

There were no tornadoes but, judging from the damage, they weren't straight-line winds, either.

When we got home, one of the gates had been blown open, some of the deck furniture was rearranged, and the grill had been knocked over. Although the fence is intact, it is loose. A buddy of mine wasn't so lucky. I was over at his house until about 10pm helping him fix this...

There's two panels down but notice the shape the panels in the far right of the picture are in. We replaced three posts, added a fourth (at the corner) and reconnected four panels.

Fun fun fun in the state of Oklahoma.

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