Thursday, July 22, 2004

In which the writer finds himself overwhelmed

I've been tired lately.  I mean really tired.  Ready to drop at any given moment and sleep as if in a perpetual nap attack.  That is, unless, it's bedtime.  At those times, I'm usually restless and can't find that magic comfy spot.  This usually subsides quickly and I do get to sleep.

Being tired like this is rather unusual for me and, since I'm not taking any medications that might cause fatigue, I began looking for the source of the drain on my biological batteries.


Here is a list of things I need or want to be doing right now...

  • Writing a blog entry
  • Working one of the three trouble tickets in my queue
  • Routing or working one of the four trouble tickets in my group's general queue
  • Preparing one of seven (or more) submissions for the knowledgebase
  • Answering the phone (it just rang)
  • Editing the commercials out of several programs recently snagged off the ReplayTV
  • Grabbing wav files off of a favorite movie or TV show (I haven't done that in a LONG time)
  • Completing the rework of my photo site
  • Completing the posting of my Trek Expo pictures
  • Editing the descriptions on my wav site
  • Reading Customer Service for Dummies
  • Reading other blogs
  • Napping

And that's probably not a complete list.

I need a break.

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