Sunday, July 25, 2004

Work it out

I was going to go to the Colvin Center (the campus recreation center) yesterday morning. About 8:45 (they open at 9 on weekends), I went into the bedroom in search of a pair of shorts suitable for walking on a treadmill and other athletic activities... I couldn't find any.

Sure, I have some cargo shorts I wear out in public and a few pairs of il-fitting, worn-out shorts that I sleep in but only one (maybe two) pair that I go to the gym in. I've been sleeping in one pair lately and couldn't find the other pair (it's been a while since I needed them).

I had to go to WalMart anyway so I found some shorts ($5! woohoo!) suitable for my gym bag.

No, this wasn't a stalling tactic. I honestly didn't have anything to wear. Now that I do, I'm off to the bedroom to change, then I'm out the door.

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