Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Fun with Blogrolling

I felt like procrastinating a little bit this afternoon so I came up with a game to play with my blog. I would visit each of the blogs on my blogroll (link list) in turn and select the Xth word from each of the first entries (not including the title) and list them.

I first chose the 5th word of each blog. That didn't pan out so well. Here's what I got:
down a had I by the dinner this 1892 you did recently get silly new I kid people a and the about inanimate one 20 and.

Not so hot. Kevin was watching over my shoulder and suggested an additional element to the game: Add your own punctuation to create a sentence/paragraph that makes as much sense as possible. So, I asked him for a number and he said 17. Here's what I got:

Blog serves the other. Flying make smaller. Call residence, find bastard and his Tom much. You're in lick blanket with in a just book personalities friends.

Interesting, isn't it?

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