Thursday, August 12, 2004

Last Comic Standing

I'm not a total reality show junkie but I couldn't resist watching Last Comic Standing. Any show that let's you watch decent standup comedy can't be all bad. And even if you don't like all the stuff in between, at least the standup is worth wading through all the other stuff.

I must admit, I didn't watch the entire series. I watched the first episode where they were auditioning talent and even some of the bad ones were funny to watch just to see how bad they were. After that, I kind-of forgot it was on until I caught the wildcard episode a few weeks ago.

In case you haven't heard, John Heffron won this evening. Even though I didn't vote, I was pulling for him to win. He didn't make me laugh the hardest but he was the most consistently funny and spoke to the widest audience. Honestly, there were a lot of jokes from Alonzo and Gary that I just didn't get or weren't very funny.

Season 3 will pit season 1 and season 2 comics against each other. There will be a special preview Monday, August 30.

I'll be watching.

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