Friday, July 20, 2007

Echos From The Road (Day 2)

April 4, 2007 11:16 am (Mountain Time)

I got a little sleep last night. I'm still tired. Hopefully, I'll get some more sleep tonight when we stop in Ogden, UT. Our real adventure begins here in about 70 miles or so when we change from I-70 to highway 15 (or whatever it is). This particular stretch we've driven several times traveling up to Winter Park but once we start heading N/NW out of Denver, the adventure begins - it's uncharted territory for us. Kind-of looking forward to it, kind-of not.


2:50 pm

We decided not to drug the kids today. For the dogs, it didn't really seem to do much except make them feel funny. It didn't really settle them down any. JD didn't seem affected at all. For the cats, it seemed to do more harm than good. This morning, we decided to see how it went sans the medication. As far as my car goes, Teddy is in the back seat asleep, having curled up about five minutes after we got on the road and has pretty much been that way all day, except when we stop. Anabelle is sleeping in the back of the carrier. She wakes up on occasion and makes a few noises as if to say, "Are we there yet?" then goes back to sleep. Shelly says JD is a little more active but he likes traveling. Nikki has been a little noisy but Shelly hasn't complained about it. I think we're going to go drug free from here on out.


7:25 pm

We're driving through Wyoming in the Adventure part of the trip. We call it that because we've never been this way. Actually, there's not a whole hell of a lot here. We decided that we should find something to eat. We knew we were coming up on a Flying J and figured there would be something there or something near there and there's not. The gas station is in the middle of nowhere and their restaurant was closed due to weather damage. So, unless we wanted bags of beef jerky, we decided to press on... that was three hours ago.

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