Monday, July 30, 2007

Stargazing On The Streets Of Boise

Yes, that's Matt Damon. Yes, I took the picture.

Matt Damon and Bourne series producer Frank Marshall were in Boise this evening to premiere The Bourne Ultimatum. Frank Marshall has connections to Boise and has premiered all three Bourne movies (and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) at the Egyptian Theater in downtown Boise (a historic movie palace, built in 1927).

I heard last week that the premiere would be here and made plans to be downtown when Damon arrived. I showed up early enough to get a good spot and, obviously, that afforded me the opportunity to get some good close-ups. Tickets for the movie were $40 each and movie and reception were $100 each. Proceeds went to support Boise Contemporary Theater. I could afford neither so I settled for becoming a paparazzi wannabe. (it didn't hurt that I managed to get his autograph as well).

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