Thursday, August 30, 2007

How To Get Screwed By "The New" AT&T

I was behind on my wireless bill. I knew I was behind on my wireless bill. Cash flow problems - it happens. When I received my last bill, I decided that I was going to not only pay the past due balance but also bring the account current. The due date was August 8.

To avoid any potential problems, I went in on August 7 and paid the past due balance, then paid the current balance on the 10th, when the next paycheck came in.

Fast forward to last week. The new bill comes in and it is over $100. After careful examination, I realize that I have been charged $36 for a reconnection fee.


I contact customer service. I was informed that the service was suspended on August 6 and reconnected on August 7, when I paid the past due amount. "But, I received no notification that it was due to be cut off."

"The account notes that messages were left on the 23rd and 28th."

"I don't recall receiving those messages. Did they specify the cutoff date?"

"I really don't know, sir."

"That's interesting. Every other service company I have ever dealt with - electric, gas, telephone - every single one of them gives a WRITTEN notice of pending service suspension and it's usually a 48-hour cutoff notice."

"Well, since those notes were on the account, I am not able to credit the charges."

So, here's a tip... Don't get behind on your AT&T wireless bill or you're liable to get F*&$#D!!! (and no, they don't include the lube)

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