Sunday, December 23, 2007


As 2007 draws to a close it would be easy to look back upon the year and toast it good riddance on the last day. 2007 was replete with a litany of top stressors. Being fired from a job, a major interstate move, financial difficulties, more than sixty job applications with less than 0.5% application to interview ratio, major illness, unexpected loss of a beloved pet, a second major interstate move, more financial difficulties, taking on a significant daily commute, and working at a job just for the paycheck but not really enjoying the work. Yes, it would be easy to spit in the eye of Father Time for 2007 and tell him and his bad karma to visit no more.

But rather than look back and lament my position, I choose, instead, to keep my eyes forward. I will focus on improving my position and gaining knowledge. I will be thankful that I am comfortable, safe and happy where I live. I will remember those who are gone with fondness and not sorrow*. I will keep my mind and my senses open to new possibilities. I will persevere.

So join me, friends, at 23:59:59 on December 31, 2007 and drink a toast to the future as we close the book on the past and let the sorrows and difficulties wash away.


* When I start feeling sad about JD, I think about how his whole body used to wiggle when he asked to go outside. It always made me laugh and brings a smile to my face to remember it.

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