Wednesday, February 20, 2008

General Updates

And Major Disaster, and Captain Chaos, and Corporal Punishment, and Sergeant Atarms (read that last one again, it makes sense... No? split it into two words... Yeah, now you get it.)

I talked to GoDaddy about the price discrepancy. It turns out that they give a 5% discount for a 1-year hosting account but if you use a promo code, the discount comes off the original, monthly price. I told them what I thought about that and gave them some suggestions as to how to avoid confusing and annoying others.

I started transferring files to the new host over the weekend. I was planning on finishing up Sunday but that's when the Major and the Captain showed up. A friend from Oklahoma City was over at my house Sunday afternoon. He has been living with his father, who has a multiplicity of illnesses, to help provide day-to-day care for him. My friend had taken some time for himself starting Saturday afternoon and came up to Stillwater to spend time with different friends. While he was over at my house, his sister, who had dropped by their father's house to check on him, called saying there was some kind of emergency and my friend left immediately. 45 minutes later, I received a call that his father had passed away. I packed a bag and, along with a couple other friends of his, spent the night with him.

Combine the fact that I did not go to bed until 4am Monday morning, got up at 7am to go to work, stayed up a little too late Monday as well, and have already worked over 20 hours between Monday and Tuesday, you get an idea how accute my mind may be at the moment. Actually, I'm quite surprised I managed to pull the word accute out of there and even more so that I used it properly.

Now, add on top of all of that that I have to come in to work on Saturday for training (I volunteered). I'm trying not to let this week suck too much but it's hard. The good news is next week is the first Saturday of March and my friend and I (same friend) are planning to hit the First Saturday sale in Dallas... GOOD TIMES!

That's about all this tapioca-ladden brain can come up with at the moment. Y'all take care of yourselves.

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