Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I, Mac

It's 9:50pm and it's time for the news.

Uncle Bubby decided late last night to abandon efforts to move his blog onto his own domain. Several weeks ago, he had installed Wordpress at and began test driving it.

Early reports stated that he was pleased with the software and its ease of use. He experimented with templates, color schemes, widgets and even logos. Trouble began when he attempted to transfer data from his existing blog into Wordpress.

Although Wordpress includes functionality that allows for direct import from Blogger, the filter requires a secure connection to the Blogger account that he was not able to establish. Some investigation into the matter revealed that the issue was most likely with the hosting account but discussion board postings were vague as to what, exactly, he needed to have enabled so he tried other means. With each attempt, however, he became increasingly frustrated. Some methods were limited in the number of posts they could process and failed to capture and transfer several early posts. Some methods seemed to truncate posts. Still other methods would have required editing nearly every post to remove code that affected the display of individual posts.

All the while he was working to transfer the posts, he was also considering how to handle the comments. He wanted to preserve them but realized it would have required a lot of effort. Comments were originally added to the blog via Haloscan before commenting was added as a function of the blogger system. As such, they are stored seperately from the posts but tied to them in some manner. The method of connection could probably have been discovered but in light of other data transfer issues, it was not given much attention.

In the end, Bubby opted to uninstall Wordpress, deactivate the subdomain, and delete the files from his hosting account.

In other news, it appears that a surplus iMac computer obtained at a local auction is functional. What appeared to be compatible RAM and a hard drive were located and installed. The computer powers on but gives the question mark folder indicating it is unable to locate an operating system.

Should anyone know how he might obtain a compatible version of the Mac OS, you are asked to contact Bubby using the Email Me link on the blog sidebar.

And that's the way it is, America. Good night and good luck.

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