Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Still Miss Him

When we moved to Idaho our cellular contracts were expiring and the service provider was not available in our area anyway so we got new cell phones. Being the person I am, I read through the manual for my new phone and tested out all of the different features, including the camera.

One of the pictures I took was of JD, my dog who passed away shortly before we moved back. It was a pretty good picture. It was well (enough) lit and captured the brightness of his personality quite well.

As much as I liked the phone I got - decent camera, slim design, comfortable to use - it wasn't loud enough. I have a slight hearing loss and I found myself saying "What?" a lot when using this phone. After about a week or two, I took it back and exchanged it for the phone I currently have. When the exchange was done, I asked the representative if she knew how we could copy a couple of pictures off the old phone, one of them being the pic of JD. She was very helpful in utilizing the bluetooth capabilities of my first phone, my new phone, and her phone (as an intermediary) in getting that accomplished.

I didn't realize how important that picture would become to me.

Almost immediately, I set JDs picture as the background on my new phone. It was nice to see my puppy dog whenever I looked at my phone and made it easy to show off a picture of one of my "kids" to others. Now, because of the bright expression on his face, it is a constant reminder of the wonderful companion we had and the time we were lucky enough to have with him. I also managed to transfer the picture to my Zune and he is the background on there as well.

We were in a PetsMart over the weekend and we came across some memorial markers. The wife was looking at them to mark the spot where we'll bury his ashes. I was overcome and struggled very hard to hold it together and not become a blubbering sack of emotion right there in the store.

I wasn't ready for him to go and I miss him so much my heart aches every time I think about it.

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