Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Just a Little Creepy

Four or five years ago, I bought an MP3 player off eBay. It was an RCA Lyra 2780 20GB jukebox. There were a variety of reasons I bought it but it was pretty much obsolete at least six months before I even started looking at them.

I was pretty active on eBay for a long time after that - both buying and selling. I haven't really even visited the site since shortly before we moved to Idaho. I would check the "street price" of some object I'd seen at a garage sale but that was about it.

Yesterday, I got this wacky idea to start looking at a couple of smart phones. I have a PDA but I really want to upgrade it (it doesn't even have a rechargeable battery) and I figure I might as well integrate it with the phone. So, tonight, I log in to see what the items I'm watching are currently selling for and I'm hit with this message from eBay... "Time to TRADE UP Your: RCA Lyra 2780 Audio Video Jukebox 2..." and it showed pictures of several different MP3 players. It appears that it grabbed the actual title off the item I purchased.

It kinda creeps me out that some marketing guy thought that up and it actually came back at me four or five years later.


In other news:
- Saw three movies this weekend - reviews later
- Taking a certification test tomorrow - I'll let you know more about it and how it went

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