Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Anyone Have a Spare P4 CPU?

So I FINALLY got a case to put my spare computer in and guess what... it doesn't work. It worked fine when I took it apart to build the new one but when I put it back together - nada. It wouldn't even POST (that's the self test it does just before it makes that little beep to tell you it's okay and it will be booting now).

Having a wealth of available spare parts at work that I could use to test, I brought it in with me this morning. First thing I did was pop open a surplus P4 machine and swap the chip. Sure enough she fired right up. Unfortunately, even though the PC was in the surplus pile, I can't take the chip out of it. Something about proper and legal disposition of state property.

My suspicion is that I somehow zapped the CPU while removing the dust from the board just prior to reassembly. C'est la vie. It was a spare anyway.

So if anyone has a spare Pentium 4 CPU, let me know.

Update: I put my Celeron back on the board and decided to fire it up one more time just to be sure... seems to be working now. Still, I wouldn't mind upgrading to a true P4 so if you just happen to have one you're not using...

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