Friday, February 27, 2009


I hate Internet Explorer.

Okay, so, here's my problem. When I set up my new wav site using a content management system (CMS), I previewed it exclusively in FireFox as I was building it. It did and still does look just fine in FireFox. In IE, however, the background graphic that is supposed to be behind the content section displays at the very top of the page, then stops and it shows the main page background. Here, let me show you what I mean.

The one on the left is how IE is rendering it. The one on the right is how it's supposed to look and does look in everything but IE.

I've done all sorts of troubleshooting. I've added code, I've taken out code, I've substituted code, I've reverted to the original code... nada. I then decided to take a drastic step. I loaded another instance of the CMS I'm using into another folder. Once it was installed, I started going through the tutorials to build the basic structure of the site. I did this while previewing the changes in Internet Explorer. I wanted to see where it broke so I could figure out which file might be the troublemaker. If I made it all the way through the basics without a problem, I would start adding my customizations and mirroring my production site so I could see which one of my brilliant ideas screwed it up.

It broke pretty early on. I didn't even make it through lesson one. The only problem is that it broke in reverse. Here, take a look at what I mean:

What am I supposed to do with that? I can't troubleshoot if it won't break the same way twice. Do you see why I hate Internet Explorer?

Update: Apparently, the test site is broken in Firefox, too. I guess I'll move forward on it tomorrow.

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