Monday, March 16, 2009

Vertigo McSickly

The wife & I have both been sick since Friday. I woke up Fri. Morning feeling fine... A little groggy, maybe. But about 30 minutes into my routine, it felt like someone was trying to push me over by pushing my head one direction or the other.

'Positional vertigo' is what it's called. If you've never had the joy of this experience, think drunk spins... Fun (NOT). It's caused by fluid in the inner ear. Basically, your ears are telling your head that it's falling and the head is saying, "No, I'm not." Lying down (and hopefully sleeping) you're pretty much OK. Sitting up wears you out - how fast depends on how bad the 'movement' is. Walking can be a real challenge. In extreme cases, you fall down and/or get nausea and what it brings.

I was still having difficulty on Sunday so we went to the walk-in clinic. The sent me away with some meclizine (anti-spin meds) and an antibiotic to knock out the sinus infection that seemed to have started.

As today has gone on, I have gotten better. I may even make it to work tomorrow. Of course, since the wife has been battling headache, fever, etc. on her own, the laundry isn't done and what is clean isn't put away (wrinkles! yay!) and the dishes are stacking up.

At least I've got something to do when I get better.

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