Thursday, April 23, 2009

Switch Hitter

My replacement phone came in last night. I was immediately struck by a couple of differences. The replacement phone is just that - the phone and nothing else. No SIM, no battery, no cover, not even the stylus. Just the phone. I removed all of the 'accessories' from my original phone (after erasing all of my data) and started putting them into the replacement. The SIM card slipped in but I got some resistance when I put the MicroSD memory card in it's slot. I checked to make sure nothing was in the slot but it was clear. Turns out I needn't have worried. It was just the spring catch that holds the card in place. This was apparently lacking on my original unit. I hadn't noticed until now.

I need to get some new screen protectors. I was able to transfer the one that came with the original phone but it was already in need of replacement. Now it's got bits of dust trapped under it.

I have made a call and received a call. Everything went well except for a certain anticipation. Have you ever listened to a digital music file (or even an LP for you old farts like me) that had a skip in it? You've listened to it so many times you know exactly where the skip is and, in your mind, it has become part of the song. Then, you hear a 'clean' copy and you're waiting for the skip and it doesn't come and, while pleasant, it just doesn't sound right to you. That's what dialing was like. I kept waiting for it to enter multiple numbers or for the screen to respond in certain ways that it didn't. In some respects it's like having a new girlfriend. She has many qualities of the old one but those reactions you're used to getting don't happen.

The next few days should be interesting.

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