Thursday, May 28, 2009

I, Pod

The iPod came in this afternoon. It was in the mail when I got home for lunch.

Initial results were not promising. I dropped it onto my iPod-ready radio and it started to charge. The apple logo came up and then... uh oh... the sad face came up. It cycled through this for most of the time I was home and I could hear the hard drive gently thunking.

When I finished lunch, I dropped it in my pocket and powered it up as I was walking out the door. It gave the sad face and the thunk, recycled to the apple logo and stayed there a while. I've managed to get it to start working and even played some of the atrocious music that was on it but it's still having some troubles. I'm 95% sure it has a failing hard drive. Other than that, it seems to be fine... even the battery.

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