Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Thank You Note

Dear God,

I wanted to take some time to thank you for all the many blessings I enjoy. First and foremost, I thank you for my family - even the ones I gripe about sometimes or I think are foolish. I realize that I grew up in a very stable environment and still have people around me who love me unconditionally.

Thank you for making my brother's kids so smart. It surprises me some days because it could so easily have gone the other way. But then I look at those people who love me unconditionally and realize they had a lot to do with that success just like they did with me.

Thank you for letting me win the microSD card in the Sprite Backup contest. I was wondering what I was going to do with it since I already have a card with the same capacity and you send me another gift by making me the winner of a Pantech Matrix Pro. Now I have a data card and a phone to use it in.

Finally, thank you for letting me lose my driver's license. Seriously. I went down to the tag agency in the middle of the month on a Tuesday so there was very little wait. Then, I find out my DL was expiring this month anyway and it would have been a real hassle to have to take my birth certificate down to the DMV testing center and take the test because my license expired. First they stopped sending out notifications, then they started penalizing people if they let it expire by making them jump through hoops and take a test. Thank you for sparing me that stress.

I know I don't say it very often but I thank you every day. I have truly led a blessed life. My grandmother Fusco is still praying for me, isn't she?


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