Friday, June 26, 2009

Elvis and Michael

There are a lot of parallels between Elvis and Michael Jackson
  • Both enjoyed almost instant success
  • Both rose to superstardom
  • Both were on the cutting edge of the music scene
  • The music of both defined a generation
  • Both were criticized for their vulgar dancing (Elvis for gyrating, Jackson for grabbing)
  • Both wore costume-like outfits during performances (Elvis' jumpsuits, Jackson's sequined military-style coats, etc.)
  • Both tried to close themselves off from the public because the insanity of their popularity was too much to handle
  • Both were tabloid fodder for their looks later in life (Elvis' weight, Jackson's skin, face, nose, etc.)
  • Both had large compounds that outsiders always wondered about what went on in there
  • Both died just prior to launching a tour that was set to revive their career
And as I said before, I bet we start hearing about the drug abuse (although, I don't think Jackson was quite at the level Elvis was)

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