Tuesday, June 02, 2009


The Pantech Matrix Pro that I won from Gearlive arrived today. I was in Oklahoma City at the optometrist so I didn't even know it had arrived until I get home at 9:45pm or so.

Quick first impressions:
  1. Pretty color - it's a deep almost gunmetal blue
  2. It's thicker than my Fuze but not as wide. It feels good in the hand.
  3. It has a much more rounded design. Easy to hold up to the head.
  4. It's being recognized as a serial modem by Windows and it can't find the driver. Mobile device center isn't picking it up automatically. And there aren't any instructions in the getting started guide. Disturbing.
  5. Non-standard charge/sync connection - shame on you, Pantech
  6. Came with this really cool sleeve so the phone won't get all scratched up if you drop it in a purse or pocket.
  7. Includes a headphone adapter (at least, I think that's what it is)

Regarding item 4: I found out I had to disable the modem functionality, then turn off Advanced Network Functionality to get it to initiate a sync partnership. There was NO information in the manual that said this. Why wouldn't it be pre-set to initiate a sync partnership?

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