Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heroes In The House

Had two great premiers to choose from last night - House and Heroes. The living room DVR was getting Heroes and House was recording in the bedroom. Opted to watch House live but ended up watching most of H before going to bed.

House: LOVED IT! The battle of wills between he and Andre Brauer was great, esp. since Brauer didn't get flustered by House one bit. The season could turn out to be very good or very contrived. The writers are going to have to do something to keep House's edge. And the whole Forman/13 thing - never really cared. Wish her character could just disappear. Amber was more interesting.

Heroes: I never liked where they took Sylar last season except for finding his roots. The meetup with his dad was great. Now they've turned him into Nathan. Why do they keep making him too powerful to be defeated then bust him down? And why do people's powers keep changing (Sylar/Peter)? This could easily be another lackluster season and it wouldn't surprise me if it was the last. We got a glimpse into the future of all of the characters in seasons 1 & 2 but they have deviated so far that it's not even visible. I mean, when does Hiro don the black suit and wield the sword. "Save the cheerleader, save the world."


p.s. Travel info coming, I promise. There's a draft in the works.

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