Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Isn't That Just Craptastic

I have a Toshiba laptop that I was given about a year ago. It used to belong to my nephew and the power adapter went out, then the LCD panel went bad. When I received it, I bought a second-hand power adapter and checked the problem with the LCD. When you turn on the computer, the LCD starts out fine but quickly turns into something resembling a Picaso painting then just freezes there. I plugged in an external monitor and it was fine. Ergo, bad LCD.

I finally got around to spending the $50 or so to get a replacement LCD off eBay and it arrived this evening. I have just spent 90 minutes removing the old LCD and installing the new one. I fired it up and got... nothing. The new LCD had no image (no, it's not the inverter). I plugged the old LCD back in and got... nothing. I just plugged in an external monitor and got... nothing.

It appears that the video card has now gone South.

Anybody want to buy a used Toshiba laptop with a new LCD panel and a bad video card?

UPDATE: WOOHOO! It works! Turns out the RAM was seated wrong. This update is being written on the repaired laptop.

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