Monday, September 28, 2009

Just Try Again Tomorrow

I had to replace a motherboard on a laptop this morning. If you've never experience that, it's like a puzzle box. There's only one way everything fits together, all the pieces are tightly packed and if you miss something it sets you way back.

I took that thing apart and reassembled it at least 4 times. First it was a piece I didn't get put on in the right order. Then the keyboard didn't work (didn't secure the cable right). Now it's having an issue with the touch pad - which is the second most difficult item to remove (the motherboard is the first). I started to disassemble it a fifth time but just didn't have the strength.

So I get home and the new hard drive for my laptop is here. I've brought home some cloning software from work so it should be an easy switch. After trying four different hard drives to dump the image onto, utilizing several different connection methods, I finally started dumping the image. When it jumped up to 33 hours left I shut it off. Something wasn't right and I think it was me.

I'll take a nice 8-hour nap and recharge my mojo and attack all of it again tomorrow.

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