Tuesday, December 08, 2009

By Popular Demand

Someone asked for some pictures of my candles. Here they are:

This is my favorite candle I've ever made. It's in a miniature coke glass.

A container candle in a short mason jar. The scent is juicy peach so I included the yellow of the meat of a peach as well as the orange you find around the edge where the pit was.

Some small votives I made this year

These are larger votives. I found some aluminum containers that I think were originally designed to hold drawn butter for sea food and just used them as molds.

This is a 3" x 4" pillar. It is the first candle I made using snowflake oil and also the first candle where I ever combined scents. Cranberry Cinnamon.

A 2" x 6" tall pillar. This is one of the batches I didn't intend to be mottled but I like the "icy blue" color. It goes well with the Cashmere Bliss scent.

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