Sunday, January 31, 2010

Comment Bankruptcy

I've tried to find a way to preserve my Haloscan comments. I did find one person that did it but it involved Python scripts and wasn't exactly step-by-step. I have to remove them from the blog because Haloscan is shutting down.

I decided it wasn't so bad to lose my historical comments and reverted to Blogger comments. I have the comment dump from Haloscan so if anyone ever comes up with an easy way to import them I can still do that. I've thought about switching to Disqus and may still do so but for now, Blogger it is.


Aunt Murry said...

Ok, so how did you do it?

Bubby said...

Go to your template, select the Edit HTML tab and at the bottom you'll see a link that says "Reset all widgets to default" and that should put you back in business. I deleted my Haloscan code before I did that so you may have to do that too but the article I found didn't say that it was necessary.

Aunt Murry said...

Didn't have to delete the halloscan code. Tried to find it but couldn't