Saturday, January 09, 2010

Great Day

I spent the day in Tulsa with a couple of friends from high school, one of whom I haven't seen in 20 years or so. At times it felt just like it was 20 years ago... except that we were talking about spouses, children and which body parts hurt.

We talked a lot about what was at the time and what has happened in the mean time. We reminded each other of things we'd forgotten and we told each other secrets we'd kept to ourselves. And we told each other, "I love you."

On my way home, for the first time in my life*, I saw a "shooting star." I saw a point of light come into view and thought it was an airplane (it was that bright). I realized it was moving too fast then saw it fizzle out as quickly as it had appeared. It was a beautiful ending to a wonderful day.


* I have watched meteor showers before but it just isn't the same thing.

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