Friday, January 15, 2010

I Cannot Say This Enough

Digital Rights Management is pure, simple and total BULLSHIT. It doesn't stop anyone from copying any digital content, it punishes the honest and encourages honest people to be dishonest.

I got a copy of Terminator Salvation on Blu Ray for Christmas. It includes a digital copy. This evening I popped the disc in to activate/download the digital copy so I could transfer it to my Zune. There's an activation code and, according to the instructions sheet, it's easy as 1-2-3.

1. Insert the DVD into your computer. 2. When prompted, enter the authorization code. 3. Follow the instructions to get your digital copy.

Step one went as planned and it has just gone to hell from there.

First, I was prompted to choose between an iTunes or Windows Media Player version. A little research and I find that I can't use the WMP version because the Zune isn't a "Play's For Sure" device. (Side note: I've always found it ironic that a Microsoft device is unable to play files in a Microsoft format if it is protected with Microsoft DRM) I decided to choose the iTunes version because there is a chance the Zune will be able to play it and, if not, I'm about 99% sure the iPod can.

Installer: I'm sorry, you don't have iTunes installed.
Me: There's a reason for that. I don't really need it and, frankly, I don't really want it installed.
Installer: Well, if you want the iTunes version of this content you'll need to install iTunes.

I installed iTunes.

iTunes: I see you're trying to activate a digital copy of a movie (iTunes sounds suspiciously like clippy). May I have your activation code, please.
Me: Sure, it's 9N**********
iTunes: Great. Now, may I have your Apple ID so I can verify your code?
Me: I don't think I have an Apple ID.
iTunes: No problem. You can use your AOL screen name and password.
Me: You GOTTA be fracking kidding me. AOL? Really? Didn't they implode, like, ten years ago?
iTunes: Alright, well, you can create an account and you'll have an Apple ID.
Me: What if I don't WANT and Apple ID?
iTunes: Well, if you want the iTunes version of this content you'll need to provide an Apple ID or your AOL screen name.

iTunes: Oh, one more thing. Every time you want to play this file on your computer you will need to give me your ID and password.

Kevin, this one's for you: BULLSHIT! TOTAL BULLSHIT!

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