Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our Love Is Strong

It's valentine's day and I'm in another state. I left the wife at home and headed for KC to spend some time with my nephews. I learned on Friday that they were coming in to go to a car show. I haven't seen them or my parents in a few months (snow storms prevented the Christmas visit) so I made a last-minute decision to head North and spend some time with them.

Don't be like that. I didn't run out on her. I discussed it with her and even asked if she wanted to come. She's in an online Master's program and is in the last week of her current class. She has two papers she needed to work on and turn in. She told me I probably wouldn't see much of her this weekend anyway.

I had a great time at the car show and visiting with the nephews. I texted the wife a couple of times and sent her a couple of pictures (there was a pink Dodge). My plan for today is to stop on the way home for some flowers and I also have a poem I wrote for her (I haven't done that in a long time). I may come up with something else.

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