Sunday, May 30, 2010


I'm still here. I'm having one of those periods where I have plenty to say but just don't have enough of the whateveritis that makes me do this in the first place to actually post anything. Readjusting some priorities, I guess. I'll be back in full swing one of these days.

Now the drive-by update:
  • The work situation is MUCH improved
  • My HTC Fuze is getting flakier by the day
  • I'm sure a full reset would help but I'm waiting for the launch of the iPhone 4
  • Scored a quesadilla grill @ a garage sale for $8 abt a month ago
  • Can't stop using it
  • Came home for lunch one day to find a small tarantula hanging out by the door
  • Shooed him away with a stick
  • Next day it was a 4' water snake laying in front of the door
  • The wife & I were coming home from dinner
  • She F R E A K E D
  • I'm not telling her about the tarantula
  • Been looking for a flash memory camcorder
  • Settled on a cheap toy-type at Big Lots but haven't been able to catch it in stock
  • It went on sale this morning for $25 and I got one
  • It's about as good as an old flip phone cell camera
  • What do you want for $25? I'm pleased enough with it for what I want it for
  • Working on reworking my celebrity photo site
  • The site itself has been setup for several months now
  • Finally getting back to sorting, editing and watermaking the pictures - stay tuned
I'm thinking too hard to come up with more so I'll end it there. Have a great holiday weekend and thank a serviceman. Thank you Steve, David, Scott, Beth, and especially mom's cousin Eddie.

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