Monday, June 21, 2010

Eight Days And No Looking Back

I have had my iPhone now for eight days. I love it. You could give me any Windows Mobile phone and I'll turn you down.

Why do I like it so much?
1. The call and audio quality is phenomenal! I've never owned a clearer, louder phone.
2. S*!t just WORKS. When you tap an icon, something happens - right then.

I've spent almost every day since I got it downloading free apps. Some are lame, some are pretty good and some are limited versions of paid apps. One of those limited apps I'm actually going to buy (gotta wait until payday). It's called grocery gadget and it's a shopping list app. Why am I willing to pay for it? It lets you scan barcodes to enter items. How easy is that!?

I updated the operating system today. iOS4 was released about noon local time. The biggest thing I was looking forward to was the folders. Being able to group apps instead of them having to just hang out wherever they land is something they should have done since day one. The multitasking is nice but it's never really been a major factor to me except for background apps that Apple doesn't allow.

The iPhone, however, is not without its limitations. In my 8 days of ownership, I have compiled the following wish list:
  1. Adjustable default appointment alarm. The default appointment alarm is none. It's going to mess me up one of these days when I set an appointment on the phone and forget to set the alarm and miss an appointment. I'm in enough dutch at work without that.
  2. Email priority indicators and the ability to flag Exchange mail. If I get a high priority message and I'm away from my desk, I want to know that it's high priority. The message could get easily lost amongst other messages on the phone without it. The flag ability is a luxury but I use the flags as a reminder that I need to do something with the email (shutup, Ron).
  3. Customizeable alerts for mail, voice mail, and calendar. You can customize the ringtone (including on a per-contact basis) and the text message tone but the others are either on or off. And the ringtone is the only tone you can add your own. At least give me more than one choice. Who are you, Henry "you can have any color as long as it's black" Ford? I can add the ability to change these tones but from what I've read I'd have to jailbreak it and I'm not gonna do that.
  4. A method of closing the app. This is even more important with the multitasking. I suppose it just stacks 'em up and closes the one at the bottom when it needs memory but I'd rather have a little bit of control over that.
Item number one is critical to me. Steve Jobs, if you read this, please add the ability to set a default appointment alarm time to iOS 4.1. The high priority indicators are important but not absolutely critical. The other items would just be nice. It is, after all, a wish list.

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