Saturday, September 25, 2010

September Morn

It is cool and crisp outside. My bare feet touch the cold wood of the deck. The air is still so there is no bite but I wrap my arms around myself for a modicum of warmth anyway. The Autumn air is refreshing as I inhale and it rushes upward into my nostrils.

There is a broad, thin layer of clouds reflecting the first rays of the sun in a pale vermilion, the full moon still visible in the Western sky. Light wisps of fog congregate at the Northwest area of the pond. The water is still. A lone, dark-colored egret stands regally at the center while a large flock of geese begin to awaken at the Southeast edge. The occasional honk carrying through the scene like a morning yawn.

I stand for a few more moments, drinking in the peace that nature has brought to my doorstep. I have not begun to shiver yet but it is only a matter of time. I take another deep breath to fill my spirit and I smile as I turn to go inside.

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