Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sounds Fishy To Me

Prospective Hire,

Our Human Resource Department has briefly reviewed your information for possible employment. The job that is open with our corporation is an administrative vacancy enabling workers to work from their personal work place. This online position pays a base salary of $2,000 each month. Benefits are available following a 90 day probationary period (medical/dental). After being with the company for 12 months, employees will be available to advance to open staff positions.

Brief Tasks: The agent assists the organization by processing transactions from investors and clients alike. Agents will receive funds to their bank on behalf of the organization. The employee then proceeds by processing the transaction in accordance with the company's standard.

Qualifications: The employee must have a cell phone with SMS capabilities, computer with internet access, local transportation to process transactions, bank account, be 18 yrs or older, be a US citizen, and be able to follow directions.

Apply For Vacancy: Open slots are limited. You should respond promptly to ensure you are considered for this position. Respond to this email with your full name, full address, phone number, and a short description of why you would be good for this job. Our staff will follow up with you within the next few days. Please be sure to include all requested information. This will show that you do follow directions very well.