Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Lawyer BS

Today, I received a second letter in the mail from the law firm of Brown | Jones & Associates, PLLC. The letter starts out like this:
A few weeks ago, we notified you of a lien that had been filed against you for unpaid medical bills in Payne County.
I decided I was going to see this one through. I was going to quiz them on who had filed the lien, how they found out about it, etc. and basically back them into a corner and give them enough rope to hang themselves with.

Enclosed with the letter was a business card with a toll-free number on it. I called the number... and got a phone company error tone saying the call could not be completed. I tried again, same thing. Curious.

In the text of the letter was a standard phone number with a Tulsa area code (the law firm address is in Oklahoma City - curious again). I called the number and it just kept ringing until it finally disconnected and gave me the fast busy tone. No answering service. No voice mail.

Still determined to let them know how I feel about their wicked wicked ways I sat down to compose an email. I was going to lead them in with worry then slam it home but that's not how it turned out. It's there a little bit but I still want to back them in to a corner. This is what I wrote:
I just received a letter from you dated July 12, 2011 that has me deeply concerned. It states that there is a lien filed against me for unpaid medical bills in Payne County. Are you representing the party who has filed the lien? If not, how did you find out about it? I haven't been notified of any liens.
Another thing that has me very concerned is that I am unable to contact you via phone. I tried calling 866-xxx-xxxx listed on your business card but all I got was one of those phone company error tones and a recorded message saying my call couldn't be completed. Then I tried 918-xxx-xxxx listed in your letter but nobody answered. I didn't even get a voice mail system. I also find it curious that the address on your card lists an Oklahoma City address but the 918 area code services Tulsa.
Please reply to this message and let me know who has filed the lien. I would very much like to clear up this matter.
 I'll keep you updated on how it turns out.

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