Sunday, October 09, 2011

Random Word

I read something about a random word generator on another blog and decided to Google it. I found one and the word it gave me was "Biscuit."

Alright... let's go with that.

The first thing that came to mind was biscuit head. I don't know what that means to you but in my experience it's a softer and familial way to call someone a fu*king idiot. A way to point out the stupidity the already know they are burdened with. "You decided it would be a good idea to throw the turkey into the fryer from the second-floor balcony? You're such a biscuit head."

There's also the biscuit used in woodworking. A small tab used to join two pieces of wood together. shows more than 10 definitions for Biscuit.

There's biscuit mix, biscuit bread, cookies are called biscuits in some parts of the world, there's biscuit-colored, and "a piece of plastic or the like, prepared for pressing into a phonograph record." (didn't know that one), You can "take the biscuit," bake biscuits, eat a biscuit, float an air biscuit, - I wouldn't recommend eating an air biscuit - and I'm sure many other things that Google is not revealing to me.

Ever notice how when you say a word over and over and over and over it starts to sound weird?

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AM said...

This made me smile...Its sooo Bubby!