Thursday, November 17, 2011

The F In F.E.A.R. (and I don't mean "first")

I picked up a copy of F.E.A.R. (First Encounter Assault Recon) for the Xbox this weekend. I've really been enjoying playing it.

As you move through the buildings you will step forward or open a door only to find yourself suddenly somewhere else... and there's usually a lot of blood. It's like an interactive cut scene/flashback. You actually have to move through it to get it to disappear. After each of the ones I have been through so far, I've silently said to myself, "That's fucked up."

Then, I got to one area where I met the first Stealth Trooper. These are guys who can cloak themselves as they move toward you (you can spot them if you look closely... and happen to be looking in the right place) and they move FAST! The first time I went through it I saw this guy "running" up the wall of an office and climbing into the ceiling. Next thing I know he's pummeling me, running away before I can get a bead on him, then running back and pummeling me again. "What the HELL is that!!??" (I forgot about slow-mo)

The second time, I threw 2 grenades into the office as I approached it then emptied 60 rounds from a couple of machine pistols into him. Whew! I investigate the office then proceed down the walkway. "HOLY SHIT!!! There's two more!!!" Lucky for me I found a corner and I have lots of bullets and med packs.

I *LIKE* this game!

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