Sunday, April 22, 2012

Elbow Update

The ortho said it was a non-articulated fracture of the radial head. I have a hairline fracture of the elbow-end of my radius. He left me in the splint with instructions to take it off at least twice a day and do range of motion exercises with my elbow and wrist.

It's doing pretty well so far. I did go in yesterday to have my wrist double-checked because it hurt really bad on Friday. No damage there but the swelling and inflammation are putting pressure on the wrist causing the pain.

Sleeping has certainly been a challenge but the worst has to be typing. I type a LOT for my job and doing it with only one hand is inefficient and tedious. Plus, I have to look at the keyboard and that doesn't do my neck any good. Mousing with my left hand is a little shaky and inaccurate but it's relatively easy.

800mg Motrin tablets help with the pain but they've started upsetting my stomach so I've had to cut back on those. I'm avoiding the Lortabs unless I REALLY need them.

The big bummer is that MS had a free XBox Gold weekend this weekend and I wasn't able to participate. :(

that's enough typing for now.

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