Saturday, July 07, 2012

Time Keeps On Slipping Into The Future

Wow. I knew my blog celebrated an anniversary this week. I thought it was seven years but it turns out I've been doing this for nine years. My first post was July 5, 2003. Actually, my first post was late on July 4 but blogger didn't have a save feature back then and, well, The Internet Ate My Homework.

I have gone through periods of prolific blogging and periods of sparse blogging. The reasons for both are various. I have learned lessons, thankfully none of them hard-learned, and (I think) I've found a voice. Overall it's been a lot of fun. I still thank Wil Wheaton for being such a cool frood and showing me how awesome blogging could be.

I'm going through one of those sparse periods right now but that doesn't mean I'm not publicly active. I'm just concentrating on something else right now. Back on March 2, 2012, my friend Kevin and I recorded episode 1 of the Two Rambling Idiots Podcast (TRIP). We have produced a show every week since then and just cranked out episode 20.

The podcast is a little more work than putting together a blog. Sure, Kevin and I could sit there and yap free-form for an hour no problem but how would that be interesting to anybody but us? The editorializing is almost exclusively free-form but covering tech news requires a little bit of preparation. For one, you actually have to review the tech news in order to cover it. Plus, I try to make the story my own, at least in some way, so I spend a good amount of time writing summaries. That way I'm not just regurgitating what other people publish. If you do that it's a lot harder to defend yourself against plagiarism by calling it "research."

Just like I thanked Wil Wheaton for getting me into blogging, I'd also like to thank Todd Cochrane for getting me into podcasting. It's his Geek News Central Podcast that TRIP is modeled after. Plus, he's kind-of an authority on podcasting. You could say he wrote the book on podcasting.

So, thank you, Wil. Thank you, Todd. And, most importantly, thank you, my dear readers, because without you I'd just be talking to myself.

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AM said...

I wrote a post about time on June 18th...funny! I still haven't made time to listen to the podcasts. Its not my thing I guess but I am proud of you nonetheless for sticking with it.