Friday, October 19, 2012

State Of The To Do List

Back in late December, rather than setting resolutions for the new year I created a To Do List. A list of goals for the year 2012, if you will. Some have fared well while others have been completely ignored. Here's a status update.

  • Get the new design/CMS for my celebrity photo site online
    • Haven't touched it
  • Complete one "Book of Me" entry per month
    • This started out okay and I intended to keep up with it. On March 2, 2012 my friend Kevin and I recorded the first weekly episode of the Two Rambling Idiots Podcast. The Book of Me posts went to the back burner but I think the podcast counts toward a check mark on this one.
  • Watch 3 classic movies I've never seen
    • The three movies I chose were The Usual Suspects, Network, and The Trouble With Harry
    • I got The Usual Suspects and Network out of the way pretty quickly but I wasn't sure where or if I could find The Trouble With Harry
    • I caught The Third Man on AMC the other night. It was one of the possibilities before I settled on The Trouble With Harry so I settled in and watched it
    • Check this one off, too
  • Finish transferring my dad's Beatles albums to MP3
    • I honestly can't recall if I've made progress on this or not but it's not done
  • Sort out at least 25% of my "2 Sort" music folder
    • I haven't even opened my 2 Sort music folder
  • Unsubscribe from email lists I don't read
    • I've marked this one done and have seriously reduced the amount of "noise" in my inbox
    • New ones I don't recall subscribing to keep popping up now and then but I'm taking care of those as they come along
  • Leave myself notes to find/look for/open in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years
    • I started writing one of these and abandoned the project
    • I had started recording a video diary and was interested to look back on the ones I'd recorded just a week or so before so I think my focus shifted on this one but I still scribbled it out on the list
  • Make a short movie, just to say I did it
    • I got the bug to do this one Saturday morning and even had a basic concept in mind. What I didn't have were actors. What I didn't have was access to actors willing to "wing it" with me (I didn't ask anyone). Then it came to me - action figures!
    • I went to the local store to grab a few and proceed to produce my... what's the opposite of masterpiece? What I didn't realize was that action figures are A) all either robots or aliens and wouldn't fit my production and B) WHEN DID ACTION FIGURES JUMP TO $9 EACH!!??
    • I came across a bunch of figures later at a garage sale for 10¢ each that would work great. They're now sitting in a drawer waiting for production to start. Good thing I don't have to pay them.
  • Learn how to photograph people
    • Any volunteers who would like to help me out with this by either being a tutor or subject?
  • Earn an engineering-level technical certification
    • This has been a start/stop/change subjects process but I think I finally have the right resources to accomplish this. Progress is stalled at the moment so I just have to follow through, study and get this out of the way.
And there you have the status report. One abandoned, three marked done, four unstarted and two in progress.

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AM said...

Pretty good if you ask me. I'll have to look back at mine. I can be a photo subjject if you like. The dogs too!