Sunday, August 31, 2014

Overthinking Technology

I came to Kansas City this weekend for two reasons. 1) The 31st is my dad's birthday. 2) The KC RenFest started this weekend. While at the RenFest yesterday I purchased a CD of The Jolly Rogers, a "band of five guys who share a few common traits – a love for maritime music, an unreasoning fascination with the fantasy of Golden Age pirates and, above all, a very warped sense of humor."

Being as I'm not at home, my resources are limited. I brought a netbook with me so I have no optical drive available to use with it. I was trying to determine a process I could follow to get the music onto my iPhone so I could listen to it in the car on my way home. Step one was to convert the CD to a digital format. There are at least three computers in the house with optical drives that I can use to rip the CD. Once that's done I have a flash drive I can use to transfer the files to my netbook.

I proceeded withe step one and had the files on the flash drive. It was then that I realized that, even though I transfer these files to my netbook, how do I get them into my iPhone? This isn't my primary computer that I usually connect to my phone. I wonder if this netbook has Bluetooth? Would the iPhone even recognize the music if I just dropped the files onto it?

Then it hit me... ... ... ... the car has a CD player.

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Aunt Murry said...

This made me laugh!